Keynote Speaker Brendan Hunt!

This year's keynote speaker will be Brendan Hunt, the Emmy winning co-creator, writer, producer, and actor who plays Coach Beard on the breakout TV show, Ted Lasso. Brendan will sit down with Notified's own head coach, Ben Chodor, to talk about great storytelling, leadership qualities, and building a successful team culture.

Three Reasons to Attend:

  • Great content: best practices and insights you can put into action for your own Events, Investor Relations or Public Relations program, and a showcase of the best of the best in communications this year with Notified’s 2nd Annual Awards
  • Great people: hear from more than 40 communications rockstars across three stages, and in between sessions, network with speakers, sponsors, and other attendees
  • Great fun: unparalleled interactivity and unique activities to share, learn, and engage

Notified Presents: A Festival for Communicators

Four years in the making, this year's annual Notified Client Summit is a festival for communicators, celebrating the greatest hits in Investor Relations, Public Relations, and Events. Join us February 3, 2022 for this hybrid event featuring more than 40 communications rockstars across three stages:

  • Events
  • Investor Relations
  • Public Relations

For the first time ever this year, we will offer live programming specifically for Europe and the UK, with local experts and thought leaders sharing insights you won't have to work late to enjoy.

Our festival agenda includes a mix of panels, chats, talks, and breakouts focused on best practices and great tactics that continue to drive results for our clients. Headliners will feature / include everything from ESG to media monitoring to monetizing events.

We'll wrap up the day in grand style with Notified’s 2nd Annual Awards. For four years we’ve had the honor and pleasure of helping thousands of clients deliver their mission critical communications. We’re thrilled to recognize the amazing work our clients do with Notified’s 2nd Annual Awards. Learn more here and join us at the Summit to catch the Awards presentation.

Come for the talking heads, stay for the jam! There’s great swag, new connections, and something for every fan:

  • Earn bragging rights with our music trivia
  • Get ready for your close-up in our Photo Booth
  • Connect with other fans with AI-powered matchmaking

Join us on February 3, 2022 for rocking performances, new experiences, and something unexpected.


The Notified Awards celebrate excellence in Events, Investor Relations, and Public Relations.

The Winners are:

















2021 Categories

Overall Awards

Design Award:

This award is given to the best overall graphic design or customization of a Notified solution, including virtual events, webcasts, websites, microsites, or press release. Given to the most compelling use of design and customization to communicate a given message, eligible projects can be in Investor Relations, Public Relations, or Marketing.

Trinity Award:

New for 2021, the Trinity Award is awarded for the best use of multiple channels and solutions to create a unique experience. Eligible projects could be a marketing campaign, thought leadership program, or a specific event, but must leverage at least three Notified products (including webcasting, virtual events, press distribution, media monitoring, or webhosting) as part of their delivery.

Event Awards

Best Virtual Event:

Our most hotly contested award from 2020 is back! Who will take home the prize this year for Best Virtual Event? This award is given to an exemplary virtual event experience delivered in 2021, looking at all aspects of the event including promotion, design, programming, and engagement. Open to any full-service virtual event delivered by Notified.

Best DIY Virtual Event:

New for this year, this award celebrates the DIY spirit in all of us! Awarded to an outstanding virtual experience created and delivered on a self-service basis, looking at all aspects of the event including promotion, design, programming, and engagement. Open to any self-service virtual event delivered on a Notified platform.

Best Webcast Series:

Building community and fostering engagement are cornerstones of marketing outreach. This award celebrates engagement and ongoing outreach as part of a series, with special focus on new tactics and innovative ways to drive audience engagement such as Lobby Experience. Eligible series should consist of at least three webcasts, conclude in 2021, and be delivered via Notified.

Best Partner Award:

As virtual events continued to dominate in 2021, Notified turned to our network of partners to help ensure we could deliver for our clients. Hundreds of virtual events have been supported by our best-in-class partner providers, who work tirelessly to ensure flawless delivery that delights every time. This award celebrates the very best in partnership and is open to any virtual event delivered by a Notified partner.

Best Internal Event:

From kick offs to town halls, the way we engage employees has transformed from stodgy emails to full blown virtual and hybrid experiences. For organizations of all sizes, engaging with their internal audience is critical, but must also surprise and delight. This award is for the best internal communications event delivered on a Notified platform.

Investor Relations Awards

Best Use of Video in an Earnings Call:

Showing transparency and putting a face on your leadership team is critical in Investor communications, especially in challenging times – making audio-only results presentations a thing of the past. This award recognizes excellence in the use of video to communicate financial results for publicly traded companies. Must be a quarterly earnings, half-year results, or full-year results webcast delivered by Notified to be eligible.

Most Informative & Engaging ESG Program:

There is more focus than ever on Environmental, Social, and Governance practices – making these a critical aspect of the information IROs must make available to their stakeholders. This award is given to the company with the most informative, engaging ESG program, as evidenced by the content and quality of information available publicly on their website. Must be an IR website client of Notified to be eligible.

Best IR Website Redesign:

As our virtual storefronts to the Investor community, the design of IR websites is critical. But too often this is a “set it and forget it” exercise as modern website design moves forward quickly. IROs on the cutting edge know that periodic redesigns are important to keep current. This award is for the best redesign of an Investor Relations website. Must be an IR website client of Notified, with a redesign project delivered in 2021 to be eligible.

Best IR Event:

Investor communications have moved online, with a wealth of technologies to recreate the roadshow experience. This award celebrates the best event (virtual or hybrid) delivered for an IR use case, including Investor Day, Shareholder Day, or other Investor Conferences (excluding Earnings or Results presentations). Must be a webcasting client of Notified, with a virtual investor event delivered in 2021.

Public Relations Awards

Best Public Relations Campaign:

This award is given to an outstanding multi-channel Public Relations campaign. Channels can include online, social, print, broadcast, podcast, or other media and the winning campaign should feature fantastic messaging, strong alignment across channels, and innovative tactics for generating earned media. Eligible campaigns will conclude in 2021 and must have leveraged at least one of Notified’s solutions such as our PR workflow platform, GlobeNewswire, or Insight & Analytics solutions.

Best Newsroom:

An effective Newsroom is much more than just press releases! It needs to grab that time-poor journalist and make them want to find out more, to balance great design and critical content. This award is given for the most effective, compelling, and informative Newsroom design. Eligible sites must be hosted by Notified.

Excellence in Crisis Communications:

It has been more than a year since the global pandemic began and we entered an era of extremely challenging communications. With a new crisis seemingly every day, PR professionals have excelled in blending transparency, information, and genuine care as they delivered the most difficult messages. This award celebrates excellence in Crisis Communications and is open to any Notified’s client leveraging at least one of our PR workflow platform, GlobeNewswire, Webhosting, or Webcasting solutions as part of their outreach.

Best Media Relations Program:

Media coverage has an enormous potential impact on organizational and business performance, making a strong media relations program an absolutely must-have. Driving positive influence on market- and mind-share, Media Relations is a pivotal part of any modern Public Relations program. This award celebrates outstanding media relations and is open to any Notified client leveraging one of our PR solutions.

Most Effective Use of Measurement in PR:

As social listening and media monitoring capabilities have become more robust, the need for strong measurement in PR has kept pace. Today, effective measurement of PR communications has become almost as important as the message being conveyed, and the challenge of PR professionals to find the right mix of goals and tools to drive results. This award recognizes excellence in PR measurement and is open to any Notified client leveraging one of our PR solutions.

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