Transitioning To Online Learning
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Help For Top Educational Leaders

Intrado is here to help administrative and technology leaders of educational institutions deal with the challenges of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

Transitioning large numbers of students and teachers to online learning in a short period of time is a huge undertaking. That's why Intrado is offering resources to help leaders guide their organizations through this massive change.

No-Cost Access to Remote Learning Applications

We're making some of our most popular audio and video conferencing solutions available at no cost to all K-12 and higher education organizations.

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Supporting Teachers & Principals Through The Transition

Adjusting to the new normal brought on by the pandemic is no easy task. With the potential for school closures to last for some time, educational administrators must ensure that their teachers and campus leaders can continue to foster learning and community, no matter where they are.

The box below contains resources that can help support your teachers as they make the move to online learning.

Teacher Support Resources

Cisco Resources For Rolling Out Virtual Learning Technology

Whether you're ready to adopt a specific technology solution for online learning or not, our partner Cisco has a wealth of resources that can help you think about what the rollout of such solutions might entail for your organization.

Review the following resources to get a feel for what you'll need to do to get online learning approaches running and supported in your organization.

Virtual Learning Implementation Resources

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