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911 Live: The Frontline has a robust agenda along with industry experts to share, learn and engage together on 911-relevant topics:

  • Real-World 911 Strategies to Leverage Valuable Resources
  • What Disruption? New Technologies Enhance PSAP Operations
  • The 911 Call Journey
  • Stepping Into the Cloud: Less Ominous Than It Seems

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Session 1
Real World 911: Facing the Challenges to Gain New Benefits

What does "Disruptive Technology" mean to public safety? Described by Gartner as "the new frontier", we have the opportunity to face the challenges and embrace the benefits of sweeping innovations that drive the future of emergency communications. Moderator Michael D. Brown, former Under Secretary of Emergency Preparedness and Response, leads this robust discussion of the possibilities of "911 as a Service" and potential impacts on PSAP operations and ability to more effectively respond to citizen requests for assistance. Join industry visionaries, Brian Fontes, CEO of the National Emergency Number Association, Jeff Robertson, President of Intrado Life & Safety, and Michael Brown, Owner and Member Partner of the Blue Cell, LLC to gain insight into what is just ahead for 911 technology solutions.


  • Michael D. Brown, Owner and member partner of The Blue Cell, LLC
  • Brian Fontes, CEO of the Nation Emergency Number Association
  • Jeff Robertson, President of Intrado Life & Safety

Session 2
Meeting of the Minds - You and Your Information Technology Team

Very few PSAPs can boast of their own embedded, completely staffed Information Technology Team or even a solitary IT professional dedicated solely to emergency communications. Most compete for the time, attention and expertise of IT colleagues who are stretched across multiple departments in municipality, county or even state-level organizations. The struggle for resources is real. IT impacts not only day-to-day operations, but you need their input on RFPs, planning for new systems, implementations of new systems, upgrades and more. Let's talk about the three C's of effective working relationships that can bridge the gap between your team and IT - Connection, Communication, and Collaboration.


  • Ashish Kakkad, CIO, San Diego County Sheriff's Department
  • Dan Koenig, Sr. Manager, 911 Program Services, Palm Beach County Department of Public Safety (FL)
  • Robert Sergi, VP of Delivery Operations, Intrado

Session 3
Empowering PSAPs and Supporting Agencies with Lifesaving Data for a Better Emergency Response

When a call taker answers a 911 call, it is not always for dispatching law enforcement, fire teams or medical help. PSAPs often transfer calls to different social services such as the Suicide Prevention Hotline (988), Poison Control Centers, the National Domestic Violence Hotline, and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. 911 call takers may also receive information tips that relate to ongoing investigations. Whatever the nature of the 911 call, lifesaving data is needed quickly. However, in most cases, call takers have limitations with data exchange, whether by technology or by policy. Is there a need for Congress to adopt legislation that will ease the flow of information? Join this thought-provoking panel with renowned Public Safety and Policy experts for insights into what the future may hold for data and technology policies in Public Safety.


  • Mary Boyd, VP, Regulatory Policy & External Affairs, Intrado
  • Budge Currier, 911 Branch Manager, California Governor's Office of Emergency Services
  • David Furth, Deputy Chief of the Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau of the Federal Communications Commission
  • Christy Williams, 911 Director, N. Central Texas Emergency Communications District

Session 4
Jumpstart Your Transition to NG911 & i3 Compliance

There is no need to feel overwhelmed by the transition to NG9-1-1/i3 compliance. Although larger agencies may have access to greater resources, PSAPs of any size can gain the technology they need to jumpstart their transition to the NG911 operational environment. Getting to a fully-realized, i3-compliant NG9-1-1 system is no simple task especially for smaller agencies with limited resources. Multiple entry points, emerging technology and big, incoming data can create confusion. Join this session to learn the basics, the options and the next steps for jumpstarting your transition, no matter where you are in the process.


  • Jason Horning, NG911 Program Manager, N. Dakota Association of Counties
  • Jason Jackson, Director of Sales - GIS, Intrado

Session 5
Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Deliver Safer Outcomes

While artificial intelligence may sound more conceptual than reality, this session will show you how "futuristic” technologies are yielding better emergency responses today. Hear real-life scenarios, get a glimpse of the tomorrow, and begin to understand how you can transform your PSAP to meet the ever-evolving needs of your communities with AI and machine learning.


  • Kirk Arthur, Sr. Director, Business Development, Worldwide Public Safety, Microsoft
  • Lev Deich, VP of Product Strategy, Intrado
  • Ashish Kakkad, CIO, San Diego County Sheriff's Department
  • Ian Pitts, CEO, Syn-Apps now part of Intrado

Session 6
911 Revolution: Technology & The Future of 911

With the impact of new technologies continuing to play out in PSAPs, it’s becoming increasingly evident that traditional voice requests for emergency services will significantly shift to “data calls” placed by autonomous devices. How will PSAPs incorporate IoT response requests into their regular workflow? And what effect will artificial intelligence, machine learning, smart devices and the cloud have on PSAP operations and incident responses? Join our panel of experts to learn how the technology of today (and tomorrow) is driving change in public safety.


  • Scott MacDonald, Co-founder, CueHIT
  • Michael Martin, CEO, RapidSOS
  • Ian Pitts, CEO, Syn-Apps now part of Intrado
  • Jeff Robertson, President of Intrado Life & Safety

Session 7
Stepping into the Cloud: Discovery, Exploration and Conquest

Are you a cloud-watcher? What do you see when you gaze into the future of cloud-based solutions for 911? Join this session to learn what the cloud actually is, why accessing cloud technology is beneficial for 911 call management & response, and how it accomplishes better, faster routing with more accurate location data leading to greater situational awareness. We will discuss how current cybersecurity options make the cloud a safe place for your systems, your data and connectivity. Attendees will appreciate hearing from the experts from Palm Beach County, Florida who have successfully utilized virtual private network (VPN) on laptops in alternate locations throughout the COVID-19 situation. Join this session to find out how PRACTICAL the cloud is for public safety, how FRIENDLY it is and how you can get there safely.


  • Michel Brkovic, VP, Information, Technology, Intrado
  • Tom Nakatani, VP IT, Customer Monitoring Technology, ADT
  • John Snapp, VP, Information Technology, Intrado
  • Chuck Spalding, Director of 911 Services, Palm Beach County Department of Public Safety

Session 8
The 911 Continuum

The industry continues its evolution from wireline call handling and routing methods through advanced systems that are able to quickly appropriate vast amounts of publicly available data from multiple sources – mobile devices, IoT devices, smart speakers, and then using artificial intelligence to present actionable recommendations for managing an incident using geo-spatial systems, and more. This session will take you through the entire 911 continuum journey to show you how you can leverage solutions from Intrado to take this disparate information and transform it into actional insights.


  • Michael Brown, Former Director of FEMA, Owner of The Blue Cell, LLC
  • Nate Brogan, SVP of Sales, Intrado
  • Beth Meek, SVP of Operations, Intrado
  • John Snapp, VP, Information Technology, Intrado

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Mary Boyd

Nate Brogan

Michel Brkovic

Michael Brown
The Blue Cell, LLC

Budge Currier
California Governor’s Office of Emergency

Lev Deich

Brian F. Fontes Ph.D.

David L. Furth
Federal Communications Commission

Jason Horning
North Dakota Association of Counties

Jason Jackson

Ashish Kakkad
San Diego County Sherriff’s Dept

Dan Koenig
Palm Beach County

Scott MacDonald
CueHit, Inc

Michael Martin
Rapid SOS

Beth Meek

Ian Pitts

Jeff Robertson

Robert Sergi

John Snapp

Chuck Spalding
Palm Beach County

Tom Nakatani

Christy Williams